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Our team of experienced coaches have worked with individuals, teams, and organizations across various industries

Who We Are – Our team of experienced coaches has worked with individuals, teams, and organizations across a large variety of businesses. Standing on decades of leadership and coaching experience with a backdrop of working throughout various industries, NEWLife Leadership coaches are committed to delivering exceptional service with a customized approach for each person working with us. Our goal is your Irrefutable Success.

Coach’s Commitment – We get it, there’s more to you than what you do to make a living. That’s why each NEWLife Leadership coach is committed to working with you across all areas of your Octagon of Life.

Working with a NEWLife Leadership coach, you will have tailored experience with someone who is specially trained in the art of helping people discover what they want most. We care about you and your goals, and we want you to achieve Irrefutable Success in each area of your life.

Our Beliefs – At NEWLife Leadership, we base everything we do around three core beliefs:

1. Everyone has a purpose.

2. Everyone can and should know their purpose.

3. Everyone can and should be taking action to live out their purpose.

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Tim Enochs

CEO, Executive Coach

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Adam Enochs

CEO, Executive Coach

Our Founders

Here at NEWLife Leadership, our founders are committed to crafting your path to irrefutable success.

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