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& Our Three Core Beliefs
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How Do We Approach Coaching?

Life and work are rarely simple, and both paths are too important to walk alone. At NEWLife Leadership, we base all of our approaches to coaching on the foundation of these three core beliefs: everyone has a purpose, everyone can and should know their purpose, and everyone can and should be taking action to live out their purpose. Though we believe these three statements to be true for everyone, we recognize that each organization, each team, and each person has a unique path to follow in order to achieve irrefutable success in life and work. Each approach to coaching will be a uniquely crafted experience where individuals, teams, and organizations have the opportunity to work with their coach as they plan their course toward irrefutable success in life and work.

No two people are the same, just as no two organizations are the same. You may have a different role at home than you do at work, but you are the same person. Our coaches are committed to offering a holistic coaching experience where we coach the entire person. We believe that this style of coaching brings the best results at home as well as at work. We will walk with you as you discover or rediscover what matters most in each area of your life. We will help you create a vision, navigate both seen and unseen obstacles and create effective disciplines and projects that will help you get from where you are to where you really want to be. We can’t do the work for you, but with decades of combined coaching experience, our commitment to you is to help you, your team, and/or your organization move toward irrefutable success.

Fuel Coaching

This approach is an introduction into coaching that focuses on the foundational building blocks of life-planning and vocational vision planning. You will work with your coach through the Octagon of Life Assessment and Octagon of Life Plan Tool as you gain a better understanding of what you want most out of the eight areas of your Octagon, discover best practices, determine transformational disciplines, and develop a strategy to help you get from where you are currently to where you really want to be in life and work. We can’t put the spark in you, but we can help fuel what’s already there.

Executive & Senior Leadership Coaching

This approach is specifically designed to focus on the unique opportunities and challenges that executive and senior level leaders face in life and business. This level of coaching is designed for those senior and executive leaders who are seeking to scale their business, improve efficiency and effectiveness, and increase profitability while not sacrificing their life outside of work. At this level, you will be pared with a seasoned coached with extensive leadership experience. Your coach will work with you as you develop a clear plan that will lead you toward Irrefutable Success in each area of your Octagon of Life.

Aspire Coaching

There are three aspects to the Aspire Approach for you to engage with, depending on your needs and aspiration. 

  • Pre-Leadership – This aspect is specifically geared toward helping those who are not currently in a leadership position prepare themselves for leadership. In this aspect you will work with your coach as you are introduced to and explore your Leadership DNA, work on your vision for life and work, and create a customized roadmap to help you achieve your desired end result, and be more productive at work and home
  • Entry-Level Leadership – This aspect of Aspire Coaching is focused on strengthening you as a leader both personally and professionally. You and your coach will explore the components of the Leadership DNA model as you develop a plan to begin to cultivate those components within your role as well as for those you lead. Your coach will also walk with you as you develop a vision and establish strategies including disciplines and projects that are aligned with both your organizational goals as well as your specific team goals.
  • Mid-Level Leadership – This area of focus is specifically designed to work with established and seasoned leaders as they continue to grow in their leadership capabilities. In this aspect, you will work with your coach as you continue to explore the Leadership DNA model on a deeper level and move toward developing an internal coaching culture within you team and organization.