Irrefutable Success University

NEWLife Leadership is a coaching company that specializes in 1:1 coaching spanning across a variety of industries, organizations, and individuals. We are in business to help anyone from executives to emerging leaders, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, public servants such as educators and first responders, as well as anyone else who wants to discover Irrefutable Success. NEWLife Leadership seeks to help people discover their purpose in life and help them get from where they are to where they really want to be. We call this destination irrefutable success. Irrefutable Success is defined as a certain level of attainable success that is defined by you, attached to your purpose, and is recognized by and beneficial to others.

We recognize that engaging in coaching at any level requires a cost, not only financially, but a cost in time. While there is certainly no true substitute for 1:1 coaching, we created what we believe to be the next best thing for those who do not wish to make that investment.

Irrefutable Success University (ISU) is an eCoaching platform stemming from decades of coaching experience, designed with individuals in mind, and built in such a way that every member of any team can benefit from it.

We created ISU with one purpose in mind, to get high-quality coaching to the masses. In recognizing the two biggest barriers for people to get into coaching, time and money, we sought to diminish those barriers in the way that we designed our eCoaching platform. For each year you are subscribed to ISU, you will be guided through twelve months of coaching content on various yet interlinking topics that span from discovering your purpose to developing and being committed to the proper disciplines that will help you achieve what you want most out of life. Each month consists of four sequential subtopics that build on the previous lesson as they support the overall topic each month. You will be challenged to think differently, consider multiple options, and map out a course that can lead you to irrefutable success. For each subtopic, you will be given a set of Success Steps that will guide you to put into action all that you learned and considered that week. Our desire for each person in ISU is for them to be able to see beyond their current reality and move toward success in their life that is truly irrefutable.

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